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Jury Duty Postponement Request

Boise State University encourages students to be responsible citizens by fulfilling their obligation when called upon for jury duty. The University may request a postponement of a jury commitment only in cases of extreme academic hardship. Only a judge can grant an actual postponement, submitting a request for postponement does not necessarily mean one will be granted.

Boise State faculty and staff should contact their Dean or Vice President regarding jury duty postponement requests.  The determination of whether the absence of the employee would impact critical operations and the subsequent postponement request, if appropriate, is made by the department or unit.

Extreme academic hardship may include:

  • Missing certification or licensing exams that are infrequently offered
  • Student teaching or formal clinical hours that are requirements for graduation
  • Reporting dates that fall during final exam week
  • One time events related to academic careers, e.g. once-a-year job fairs, presentations for regional/national conferences, etc.

The following are not considered an extreme academic hardship:

  • Missing classes or labs
  • Situations related to academic standing
  • Class load or academic level
  • Personal issues

If your situation does not meet the criteria for extreme academic hardship, you are required to respond to your jury summons as directed. You will have an opportunity to explain your situation to the judge and may be able to request a postponement at that time.

You are required to contact your instructor(s) informing them of your jury summons and are responsible for:

  • Furnishing instructors with concrete evidence of your jury assignment.
  • Furnishing instructors with concrete evidence (date, time, court) of your service immediately after serving.
  • Making arrangements to obtain course notes and assignments from other students.  (This is not the instructor’s responsibility.)
  • All course work or makeup work.

If you meet the criteria for extreme academic hardship and are requesting a postponement of your jury duty, send an email to and include:

  • Your name as it appears on your jury summons
  • Student ID number
  • Reporting dates
  • Explain why reporting for jury duty will create an extreme academic hardship

The information you provide will be verified and a request for postponement will be considered.

For further assistance contact Erin Muggli, Office of the Provost, at or 426-4062.