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University Committees

Academic Calendar Committee

The Academic Calendar Committee is chaired by the Executive Director of Enrollment Services. The committee generally meets 1-2 times in the fall (September/October) to set the 5-year planning calendar and the next academic year detail (deadlines/holidays) calendar in accordance to State Board of Education guidelines. If needed, ad hoc meetings may be called earlier in the year to address issues pertinent to the academic calendar. Calendars approved by this committee are forwarded to the President’s Cabinet in October/November for their approval and then submitted to the State Board of Education for informational purposes. The contact is Kris Collins, Registrar, 426-2484.

Bookstore Advisory Board

The Bookstore Advisory Board shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Director of the Bookstore concerning policies and operation of the Boise State Bookstore. The Board shall provide a forum through which pertinent information, suggestions, and areas of interest can be transmitted between the University, community, and the Bookstore. Bookstore management will provide financial information to the Board for review and recommendation. The contact is Nicole Gouvea, 426-4362.

Campus Recreation and Advisory Board

The Board shall serve as the the primary advisory committee to the Director of Campus Recreation in all matters related to the Boise State University Student Recreation Center, its operation and programs. The committee currently meets once per semester or as needed. The contact is Rene Delaney, 426-5641.

Disability Advisory Group

The Disabilities Advisory Group at Boise State University exists to include and represent invested constituencies from across campus to pursue a more comprehensive conversation about accessibility, inclusion, diversity, and people with disabilities. The goal is to enhance physical and programmatic accessibility by advancing education about these issues on campus and by identifying and prioritizing a more systematic and comprehensive understanding of these needs. The advisory group will meet regularly to guide development of campus resources, practices and design to more effectively meet institutional compliance needs for people with disabilities and to lead in our development as an example of excellence in this area. The contact is Wendy Turner, Director/Disability Services, 426-1583.

Executive Budget Committee

The Executive Budget Committee is chaired by the office of Vice President for Finance & Administration. The Committee recommends to the President general tuition and student fee increases. Meetings are determined each cycle, but generally meets twice in February, and is dependent upon the timeline established by the State Board of Education. The contact is Lola Michaels, 426-4892.

Facility Naming Committee

This committee follows guidelines outlined in University Policy 11000 in making recommendations to the University President for the naming of a University facility or administrative unit which are intended to be permanent in nature. Additionally, this policy also applies to naming rights that are not permanent in nature and come in the form of advertising/sponsorships. Contact for this committee is Dr. Laura Simic, 426-3236.

Food Service Advisory Board

The Food Service Advisory Board exists to provide feedback to the contract administrators and contract food service provider regarding food service components in the areas of retail food service, catering, resident dining, and concessions. The Committee will provide input into the program and service directions for food service on the Boise State campus. The Committee will review food service satisfaction surveys, food service evaluations, and other customer satisfaction data. The Board meets two to three times per semester. The contact person for this committee is Danielle Hittle, 426-3048.

Parking Advisory

The committee is advisory board that provides recommendations regarding parking and transportation issues on campus to the President and General Counsel, and Campus Operations, VP. The contact is Sam Patterson, 426-3343.

Safety & Security Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Safety and Security Advisory Committee is to identify campus safety and security concerns and provide recommendations to Public Safety to address these concerns. The committee also considers and responds to input from the campus community. The Safety and Security Advisory Committee consists of nine volunteer members representing all campus areas. Membership on the committee is for a minimum term of one year. The Executive Director of Security and Police serves as the committee chairperson. The Safety and Security Advisory Committee meets twice yearly in April and October. Meetings are scheduled for ninety minutes. If security and safety issues dictate, additional meetings may be scheduled. The contact is JoAnn Gilpin, 426-1461.

Technology for Learning and Teaching Group

The goal of the TLTG is to ensure that Boise State University becomes and remains a leading innovator in technology-enhanced pedagogy. Its foundational principle is that the formation, implementation, and assessment of our institution’s instructional technology vision is a shared responsibility that requires collaboration and cooperation among many units and individuals. As such, members help create, sustain, and refresh campus goals related to learning and teaching with technology. The TLTG engages in regular dialogue about ways to: 1) enhance digital fluency across the university community, 2) encourage the intentional use of tools that can ameliorate the educational mission, 3) examine issues that impact the adoption and support of reliable learning technologies (used either in physical or distance classrooms). The group examines various plans and projects to help frame projects within goals and mission statements and, in so doing, creates synergies in the community. The TLTG gives recommendations for formative and summative evaluations of projects so that internal and external personnel can benefit from lessons learned. Co-chairs of the group include the director of the Center for Teaching and Learning and the director of Learning Technology Solutions. Committee membership includes stakeholders from multiple campus entities, to include Albertsons Library, eCampus Center, Foundational Studies, etc.; a select number of faculty will also be part of the TLTG. The committee meets ten times during the calendar year. For more information, please contact either Susan Shadle, 426-3153, or Leif Nelson, 426-1851.

Workplace Climate Monitoring Committee

The Workplace Climate Survey Committee is the reincarnation of the Campus Climate Survey Committee last called by the Provost in 2012. The committee will be called every five (5) years to put out a new survey. Contact will initially be the Provost Office, who will assign a chair for the committee. Representation of the committee will be listed in the charter and all Senates will provide representation for the committee. This committee is charged with conducting a survey of the campus workplace climate for faculty and staff and providing feedback to higher administration regarding campus needs to improve campus climate. With this survey, we will examine how the campus community perceives the working environment at Boise State University in terms of campus relationships and issues of gender, class, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, etc., and how these components affect civility and tolerance on campus.