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Pillars of the Plan

Local and Global Impact

Boise State University fuels a robust regional economy and contributes to a vibrant and healthy community by focusing on societal and economic needs.  Our students graduate with skills, knowledge, and experience that are relevant and valuable locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.  The work of our teachers, researchers, artists, and students provides social, economic, and cultural benefits.

Student Success and Engagement

Boise State University fosters a rich and diverse culture that is student-centered, enabling students to focus on success and achievement of their educational goals.  Students participate in their education through innovative learning environments in which they gain disciplinary expertise grounded in experiential practice.  Our graduates are well-rounded in the arts, sciences and humanities; they are prepared to meet the challenges and pursue the opportunities of today and tomorrow; and their experiences at Boise State create an enduring bond with the university.

Visionary Relationships

At our core is a commitment to relationships that transcend all boundaries, inspire creativity and innovation across disciplines, and foster strategic growth and economic investment in the university.  These relationships bring together strengths within and beyond the university to create synergistic opportunities that enable us to explore new possibilities, address complex problems, break down barriers, and create learning experiences that synthesize ideas and practices across a diversity of perspectives.  Engagement with the community promotes our mission, provides experiential learning for students, and ensures alignment of programs with crucial needs.

Organizational Effectiveness

Pursuing our vision requires careful consideration of the ways in which we acquire and invest resources.  We pursue innovative, broad-based funding models to ensure sustainable acquisition of those resources.  We garner support from stakeholders by explicitly demonstrating return on investment.  To ensure responsible stewardship of our resources, we are committed to creating business practices, processes, and organizational and physical infrastructures that are both effective and efficient, while providing a safe environment for working, teaching and learning.  We hire well-qualified individuals from diverse backgrounds, facilitate their development as employees, and promote a culture of service, accountability and excellence.  We celebrate and reward creativity, diversity, innovation, and openness to change.

Key External Factors

A wide variety of external factors affect Boise State University’s ability to implement our strategic plan, though, the most significant include ongoing State Board of Education support and advocacy; adequate funding from the state of Idaho to support our basic mission; and, the impact of administrative oversight of by executive agencies outside of the Board’s purview, in such areas as capital projects, personnel and benefit management, risk and insurance, and purchasing.