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Program Prioritization


Between June 2013 and July 2014, Boise State completed a comprehensive evaluation process of programs for their effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and quality. Using Robert Dickeson’s model for program prioritization, all divisions ranked every program. The goal of this intensive exploration of programs was to make the university more focused, more energized and more esteemed in the community and the Statehouse, and more aligned with the needs of its students and the future economy into which they will graduate.

Using quantitative and qualitative information, Boise State identified areas in which programs could improve, make changes or discontinue activities and then develop plans to implement those changes. While the evaluation process and a number of changes to programs have been completed, Boise State plans to continue to use this experience and the lessons learned to build a meaningful foundation for making rigorous, long-term decisions to improve all of its offerings.



To provide insight into the process and the expectations of the university with fulfilling the requirement to undergo the Program Prioritization process, resources are provided below. The Memorandums from the State Board of Education provide detail about the initiation of the program prioritization process at Boise State University.