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Frequently Asked Questions

Abstract Submissions/Deadlines/Instructions

Q: When is the abstract submission deadline?
A:The title, funding source, author information and initial abstract deadline is June 26, 2019. The abstract finalization deadline is July 15, 2019.

Q: What information do I need before submitting an abstract?
A:  Requirements:

  • Title of the abstract
  • Revised abstract
  • The full name of your home institution, as well as of the institution where you did/do your research
  • Your contact information.
  • The full name of your research mentor (includes faculty and graduate mentors),  as well as his/her affiliation and contact information.
  • The full names of each author, the order in which the names the authors need to be, and their affiliations.
  • Institutions and the grant number of the funding agencies that sponsor  your research.

ICUR 2019 Instructions and Graphics_v05

Q: What is the word limit for my abstract?
A: The character limit is 200 words maximum. Please see student presentation resource page for additional help.

Q: Where will my abstract be displayed?
A: The title of your research, along with authors and their affiliations will be printed in the conference booklet. This information will also be available online along with your abstract. You may also request to include a digital copy of your poster online.

Abstract Application Components

Q: When I submit my Abstract Application does that mean that I am automatically registered for the conference?
A: No. The two processes are completely independent of each other. You must still register for the conference.

Q: Should I have my research mentor look at my abstract before submitting it?
A: Yes, you should have your research mentor revise and approve the abstract you will be submitting.

Q: Can I present my research with a partner who worked on the same project as me?
A: Yes, you can give a team presentation.

Q: If the presented project is a team based research project, should each team member submit the same abstract?
A: No, only one abstract should be submitted. The student who submits the abstract should include the names of all authors.

Poster Presentation Information

Q: What is the size of the poster board that will be available to me?
A: The size of the board is 4ft wide x 3ft tall (48″ by 36″).

Q: Are there any requirements about the size of the poster?
A: Yes, your poster size should be 48″x36″.

Q: Can ICUR reimburse me for printing my poster?
A: Unfortunately, ICUR cannot reimburse you for printing your poster for your presentation.

Q: Do I need to bring pins for my poster?
A: No, we will provide the pins for you.  They will be at your board; once you are done, please make sure to leave them on the poster board.

Q: What happens to my poster if I do not take it down?
A: ICUR is not responsible for posters that have not been taken down at the designated time; unclaimed posters will be discarded.

Q: Do I need to stay by my poster during my assigned session?
A:   Please stand by your poster for the duration of the poster session in which you are presenting.

Q: What time do I set up my poster?
A: The poster set up is from 8:00-9:00 AM on the day of your poster presentation. The poster presentations are scheduled in the Student Union Building, Simplot Ballroom.

Q: Do I need to check-in as a student presenter?
A: Yes, once you have registered online you will obtain your name badge at the check-in/registration booth.

Conference Registration/Abstract Cancellation

Q: How I will know whether my abstract was accepted?
A: The abstract acceptance notifications will be sent by email. The e-mail will be sent no later than July 15th, 2018.

Q: What should I do if I can’t present and need to cancel my abstract?
A: Please send an email to immediately to cancel.

Q: I am not presenting at ICUR: Do I have to register?
A: If you are attending any of the activities at ICUR you need to register. There is no registration fee for the conference.

Q: Is there any travel support for presenting at ICUR?
A: Yes, please see the Travel Awards webpage for information about ICUR travel support.

Abstract/Poster/ Presentations


Q: I have never created an abstract or scientific poster, where can I find resources?
A: The resources that ICUR offers are available at the webpages for Abstract Submission Info and Poster Presentations and at the Student Research Program website. There are many other resources online that you may consult on how to create an effective abstract, prepare a scientific poster, or give a successful presentation.

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