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How to Apply

How do I apply?

  1. Read through the Peace Corps Prep Student Guide 2017-2018 to become familiarized with the program requirements.
  2. Contact Holly Mikesell, the Peace Corps Prep Coordinator at (208) 426-4011, or This is an opportunity to ask any lingering questions and help you decide which sector may be right for you, or to discuss possible regions of future Peace Corps service.
  3. Fill out the Peace Corps Prep Application to the best of your ability, be sure to include any relevant previous coursework, professional (paid, unpaid, internships, etc.) experience, and leadership experiences, and then set up a meeting with your sector advisor. It is okay to leave spaces blank in a section where you might have a question or want some advice and feedback from the sector advisor on.
  4. Meet with your sector advisor and be sure to bring your application. At this meeting, you will have a chance to review the application with the sector advisor. The sector advisor can assist with filling in any remaining blanks on the application. The sector advisor will sign the application and make copies, keeping one and providing you with one copy for your records. Additionally, please bring a signed release of information form to this meeting and leave this form with your sector advisor.
  5. Once your application has been reviewed you will be contacted by the Peace Corps Prep Coordinator to officially welcome you to the program!