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About Us

Boise State’s University Foundations curriculum offers a shared experience that unifies our diverse student body and expands students’ awareness of themselves and their world. The curriculum’s distinctive features establish Boise State as a leader in empowering students and enabling them to achieve academic excellence.

From the time they enter Boise State, students will encounter skilled and motivated senior faculty members in courses that feature diverse opportunities for examination of historical, intellectual, and ethical traditions. The University Foundations curriculum provides a coherent framework on which departments establish the educational opportunities specific to the needs of their disciplines. Centralized oversight and support of University Foundations courses, combined with a built-in process for robust assessment, foster on-going improvement.

Foundations courses emphasizes the kinds of inquiry central to higher education, creating opportunities to explore important subjects, ask questions, debate ideas, increase understanding, research, innovate, and solve problems. Courses incorporate team work and extend the educational experience beyond the classroom to include co-curricular activities such as international education abroad experiences, service learning, internships, and participation in student government.