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University Foundations Name Changes

In November of last year, the General Education and University Curriculum committees approved changes to the Foundational Studies Program (now University Foundations) based on feedback from Boise State’s colleges, deans, faculty, students and staff.

The approved changes have taken effect for Fall 2018, including the name changes listed below. Using the word “Foundations” across all these titles will help students better identify program courses and better understand the full breadth of the University Foundations curriculum.

Do you have questions about these changes? Please contact:

Foundational Studies ProgramUniversity Foundations
UF 100: Intellectual Foundations
UF 100: Foundations of Intellectual Life
UF 200: Civic and Ethical Foundations
UF 200: Foundations of Ethics and Diversity
College First-Year Writing Courses
Foundations of Writing Courses
Disciplinary Lens in Mathematics
Foundations of Mathematics
Disciplinary Lens in Natural, Physical, and Applied Sciences
Foundations of Natural, Physical, and Applied Sciences
Disciplinary Lens in Visual and Performing ArtsFoundations of Arts
Disciplinary Lens in Literature and HumanitiesFoundations of Humanities
Disciplinary Lens in Social Sciences
Foundations of Social Sciences
Communication in the Discipline Courses
Foundations of Oral Communication Courses
Finishing Foundations Courses
Finishing Foundations Courses