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UF Portfolios

In University Foundation 100 courses, most students take three beginning steps on their e-portfolio journey.

  1. Create or Connect an E-Portfolio to their UF 100 Course
  2. Add Pages and Content as directed by their instructor
  3. Submit their finished pages at the end of the semester

Ready to start making your first e-portfolio? Below are some step-by-step instructions to help.
(Or contact the help desk: 208-426-4357, or Additional instructional videos will be posted soon.

Blackboard Portfolio Software: Step-By-Step Instructions

See the following links for getting started in Blackboard Portfolio, or visit Boise State’s help site for students:

For Printable instruction sheets, download the following PDF documents:

Digication E-Portfolio Software Discontinued

University Foundations students currently create e-portfolios through Blackboard Portfolio software. But prior to the 2017-18 academic year, students used Digication software, which is now being discontinued.

Boise State’s contract with Digication will expire in August 2018, and the service will no longer be supported after that date. The decision to end the Digication service on campus involved student and faculty review, low usage by instructors, and the overall cost of the service.

To preserve your saved e-portfolio(s), you have the following options:

  • Contact Digication directly at and request your e-portfolio content be maintained by Digication for a fee.
  • Use the Download option in Digication, accessed through the Portfolio Tools tab on your e-portfolio. If you have problems downloading your content, please contact

If you need assistance with your Digication content, please schedule an appointment by contacting the Office of Information Technology at (208) 426-4446, or