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UF 100 portfolios

In University Foundation 100 courses, most students take three beginning steps on their e-portfolio journey.

  1. Create or Connect an E-Portfolio to their UF 100 Course
  2. Add Pages and Content as directed by their instructor
  3. Submit their finished pages at the end of the semester

Ready to start making your first e-portfolio? Below are some step-by-step instructions to help.
(Or contact the help desk: 208-426-4357, or

Step-By-Step Instructions

Boise State currently supports two e-portfolio software platforms:

  • BlackBoard Portfolio (new platform)
  • Digication (old platform-phasing out at the end of the 2017-18 academic year).

Blackboard Portfolio

See the following links for getting started in Blackboard Portfolio, or visit the following help site for students:


The videos below provide step-by-step instructors for e-portfolio creation, editing, and submission in Digication, still available to Boise State until July 2018. You can visit the Digication help pages at:

Step 1: Create or Connect an E-Portfolio to the Course. Create a new Digication e-portfolio from the “My Academic Journey” template OR link an e-portfolio already created in another class to a UF course:

Step 2: Add Pages and Content

  • Add pages on which to place the content indicated by individual instructors.
  • Add content to the new pages that have been created.



Step 3: Submit

Digitally submit the e-portfolio containing UF 100 assignment(s) At least once at the end of the semester: