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UF 300 e-Portfolios

jessica roberts

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Becoming a mother ignited a sense of purpose within Jessica Roberts. She plans to be the first college graduate in her family and is consistently raising the bar that others have set for her. She has set her sights towards contributing positively to the community and plans to dedicate a large portion of her career to helping under-served populations.  As someone who had to overcome numerous obstacles in her life, she believes that she can create a positive example and that gives her an edge that can cut through any challenge the universe throws at her.


christopher daigle eportfolio

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Coming from a military family, learning about different cultures, and adapting to new situations has been paramount to  Christopher Daigle‘s success. During his time as a soldier, he worked with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, intelligence collection and analysis, and served two deployments to Iraq and two to Afghanistan. After he left the Army, he worked as a test pilot, which required travel to different states and countries as often as 10 times a month. All of these experiences helped him develop into the creative, adaptive, and thoughtful human being he is today.


robin freeman

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Robin Freeman created her e-Portfolio with the purpose of giving us a glimpse into who she is and what makes her get up in the morning. She hopes that we can use this technology to gain some insight into who she is. Her hope is that we will find that we have a lot in common and that our worlds are more alike than we might think.



justin harvey eportfolio

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Justin Harvey is pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering. He selected this field because it will give him the opportunity to benefit both society and the environment.He is focusing on the fields of water resources and environmental engineering. Justin has included civil engineering projects as well as his UF 300 projects in his e-Portfolio.



angel hernandez

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Angel Hernandez is majoring in political science/history secondary education. He hopes to make the world a better place by making a difference in communities with disadvantaged students. Before attending Boise State University, he attended the College of Southern Idaho and earned two associates degrees, one in political science and the other in pre-law. While at CSI, he was Student Body Vice President, on the Dean’s List, a Captain of the speech and debate team, and a proud member of the Honors College.He hopes to continue his involvement at Boise State by being accepted into the Honors College and by running for a position in student government the next election. Upon graduation, he hopes to gain admission to Teach for America to start making a difference in the lives of those who are most vulnerable to dropping out of high school.