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UF 200 Themes

Decorative Photo, Students on Central Quad Sidewalk


UF 200: Foundations of Ethics & Diversity courses examine how we practice our ethics together as engaged citizens creating an inclusive community. Ethics guide how we ought to live, and we live in a diverse society with other individuals and groups. Thus, UF courses explore our values, giving equal voice to all who are committed to the public good.

Although all UF 200 courses cover common ethical frameworks and concepts, individual instructors explore these ideas by focusing on different examples, case studies, or topical themes. See the variety of course themes associated with individual faculty below.

Fall 2019 UF 200 CLASSES

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InstructorTopics in Ethics & Diversity
Capaldo, Stephaniesustainable communities, citizen engagement
Coe, Karentreatment of diverse populations
Cook, Elizabethexamining moral courage
Crowley, Stephenjustice and community
Fry, Saramaking a difference, collaboration, inequality
Gardner, Stewartethical living and social hierarchies
Guill, Timothymisinformation, conspiracy
Hadley, Erikfood access, human rights
Harper, Jeremygames, cultural norms
Heinzman, Gregrefugees, displacement, community
Heney, Jillbias in sports, literature, film
Hoglund, Sarahhistory, memory, inequality
Hunt, Elizabethmuseums and society, human rights
Johns, Danesuperhero stories, media analysis
Kaufman, Janetstorytelling, community
Klover, Chrishuman rights, inequality
Krohn, Raymondhistory of human-rights thinking
Levad, Meganenvironment stewardship, justice
Lobaugh, Thomashospitality traditions, community
Louangketh, Palinaglobal awareness, cultural intelligence
Mawhirter, Sarahincarceration, justice
McClain, Lisareligious history, diversity
McGuire, Johnglobal citizenship, privilege, marginalization
Michas, Christopheraccess to and use of technology
Provant-Robishaw, Corinnaglobal citizenship, privilege, marginalization
Ramsey, Elizabethinformation literacy, prejudice, disunity
Reed, Roberthistory, colonialism, marginalization
Sadikovic, Refikrefugees, displacement, community
Salter, Ruthmaking ethical intuitions into ethical beliefs
Seeley-Case, Tiffanyinternet access, privacy, and regulation
Sudan, Meghanthistory, cultural and religious coexistence
Swearingen, Elizabethjustice, inequality, community
Turco, Tompublic health, community