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UF 100

University Foundations 100: Intellectual Foundations

Every new first-year student* takes a UF 100 class. These theme-based classes are all different. Students should look for the theme and teaching style that is most suitable for them. Some are more lecture based, others are project based. We even have one online option. Regardless which theme you choose, by the end of the semester you will have built critical inquiry skills, teamwork skills, and oral communication skills.

BIG and small…

UF 100 courses have two parts — one is a BIG class taught in an auditorium sized classroom (200-250 students) and the other is a small “discussion group” (25 students) taught in a small classroom.  The BIG part is usually taught by two Professors who come from different departments.  The small part will be taught by one person—professors, graduate students, advisors and other professionals teach them.  Even though you may have three different teachers, everyone in a theme-based class works together as one “teaching team.”

Approved Catalog Statement

Intellectual Foundations (UF 100). This required, 3 credit course offers entering students a combination of large general sessions and small-format discussion sections (~25) in which to transition into the university, with its academic and social expectations. Multi-disciplinary sections are organized around central themes that are listed in the course schedule for each semester. Courses support the University Learning Outcomes of Critical Inquiry, Oral Communication, and Teamwork.

Interested In Knowing More About UF 100 Themes?

Read about UF 100 topics and see examples of projects completed by students previously enrolled in the course.

* Click here for information about transfer students.