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Program Requirements

The Foundational Studies Program is the general education portion of an undergraduate degree for students entering Boise State beginning in the Fall of 2012. Details about the program can be found in the 2012 catalog. Download Program Requirements here.

University Foundations Courses – A Learning Foundation for Your Degree – Learning Outcomes

Intellectual Foundations (UF 100)Civic & Ethical Foundations (UF 200)Transitional Foundations (UF 300)Disciplinary Lens Courses
UF 100 ThemesWhat is UF 200? image of raised hands signifying engagementWhat is UF 300?
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Disciplinary Lens Course Descriptions
UF 200 ThemesUF 300 Course DescriptionsCross Cultural Sections
Clicker Set up and Registration UF 200 Syllabus 1
UF 200 Syllabus 2
UF 200 Syllabus 3
UF 300 Syllabus 1
UF 300 Syllabus 2

Second degree/Post-Bacc students are NOT required to complete Foundational Studies. Some Disciplinary Lens courses may be required by your major. Please see your academic advisor for accurate information.

Online Course Permission Request

Space is limited in the Online UF 100 and UF 200 Classes. Highest priority for enrollment will be given to students returning to college, involved in online degree programs, living outside the Treasure Valley area and taking all courses online, or associated with the military. Please complete the online course permission request form to be considered for these online courses.

UF 100 Permission Request

UF 200 Permission Request

Digital Projects

All UF 100 courses include a digital project. See linked Google site for digital project resources