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The University Foundations Curriculum


Boise State Student Union

Boise State Students are required to complete University Foundations courses in the following five categories described below.

  1. University Foundations 100 & 200
  2. Foundations of Writing
  3. Foundations of the Discipline
  4. Foundations of Oral Communication
  5. Finishing Foundations


Boise State’s UF 100 and UF 200 courses introduce students to university-level inquiry. They foster a diversity of intellectual pursuits, encourage a critical stance toward learning, and deepen analytic and communication skills.

  • University Foundations 100: Foundations of Intellectual Life. In this challenging three-credit course, students practice critical inquiry by exploring important questions that affect everyone. Students analyze texts, films, and other sources; develop engaging, evidence-based presentations; and build interpersonal communication skills. Students meet in a combination of large general sessions (about 100 students) and small-format discussion group sections (about 25 students).
  • University Foundations 200: Foundations of Ethics & Diversity. This three-credit sophomore-level course engages students in topics connected to ethics and diversity. We keep the classes small (about 30 students) to support active and experiential learning, meaningful discussion, and connecting the course theme to issues and events in our larger community. Prerequisites: ENGL 102, UF 100, and sophomore standing.


English 101: Writing and Rhetoric I and English 102: Writing and Rhetoric II. This two semester, six-credit sequence provides an introduction to the university’s expectations about academic writing and research. Students are placed in appropriate courses based on test scores. The program is coordinated by the English Department’s First-Year Writing Program. Please visit their website for details: First-Year Writing Program website.


Boise State’s Foundations of the Discipline (FD) requirements reflect the belief of the faculty and the Idaho State Board of Education that a major purpose of undergraduate education is to prepare graduates to fulfill the responsibilities of a citizen and to understand and appreciate diverse approaches to information and values. Foundations of the Discipline courses help students expand their own tools of inquiry as they explore the methods and frameworks of artists, mathematicians, scientists, social scientists, historians, and others. All students are required to take disciplinary courses in the following categories:

  • Foundations of Arts, or FA (3 credits)
  • Foundations of Mathematics, or FM (3-4 credits)
  • Foundations of Natural, Physical and Applied Sciences, or FN (7-8 credits from two courses, one of which must include a lab)
  • Foundations of Social Sciences, or FS (6 credits from two courses, each from a social science field)
  • Foundations of Humanities, or FH (3-4 credits)

Some departments and programs may require degree seekers to take a specific course within a Foundations of the Discipline category. See your catalog and individual degree box for requirements.

Visit the following page for a list of all current FD courses (2018 catalog and after):

Visit the following page for a list of all Disciplinary Lens (DL) courses (pre-2018 catalogs):


Students must successfully complete a Foundations of Oral Communication (FC) course, either Comm 101: Fundamentals of Oral Communication or SOC 122 Sociological Communication. These courses focus on Boise State’s University Learning Outcomes for Oral Communication, providing an introduction to the university’s expectations for effective speaking and listening.


Finishing Foundation courses emphasize critical thinking, written and oral communication, plus teamwork and/or innovative thinking. These courses are designed for students close to graduation. Students must successfully complete 1-3 capstone  FF credits as designated by their major departments.