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Writing e-Portfolios

Image that links to Timothy Watsons e portfolioTimothy Watson is a senior at Boise State University in the technical communication program with plans to graduate in December, 2014. He has two previous degrees from Boise State University:  an Associates of Science degree and an Associates of Arts in Social Science. In addition, he has military experience and is a decorated veteran. He chose to pursue a degree in technical communication because he has a passion for writing.

Image that links to Tahni David's e portfolioTahni David graduated from Boise State University spring semester 2014 with a degree in literature. She is employed as an administrative assistant in the Multidisciplinary Studies Program on campus. Tahni has a very analytical mind and is naturally drawn to details. In school, her favorite theory in English Literature was Deconstructionism, where you break apart a piece of literature and then reassemble it in such a way that it refutes the work’s previous plots or ideologies. That interest is what drew her to technical communication. For Tahni, it’s the appeal of stripping something down and then putting it back together again, a quality that she believes can be very valuable in the workforce.