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Disciplinary Lens (DL) Courses

If you were to take only one course in a given field, what should it include?  This was the driving question behind the development and redesign of the courses that make up the “Disciplinary Lens” category of the Foundational Studies Program.  While many general education programs seek to provide learning that spans the breadth of the curriculum, the focus here is on the way that course is focused.  Rather than a traditional “introduction to the discipline” course, these disciplinary courses are intended to provide a “lens” into study in the field.  Thus, the “lens” helps students learn how historians, social scientists, artists, and others “look into” the questions that are important in their fields.
Checklist of Foundational Studies Degree Requirements
List of Foundational Studies courses that are offered online
These courses offered by academic departments across the university support University Learning Outcomes in the following clusters:

  • Disciplinary Lens in Literature and Humanities (DLL)
  • Disciplinary Lens in Mathematics (DLM)
  • Disciplinary Lens in Natural, Physical and Applied Science (DLN)
  • Disciplinary Lens in Social Science (DLS)
  • Disciplinary Lens in Visual and Performing Arts (DLV)

For a list of the courses you can take to fulfill your Disciplinary Lens requirements, see your appropriate Boise State Undergraduate Catalog