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UF 300 Curriculum Change

UF 300 Curriculum Change

Due to a recent Idaho State Board of Education change, current students who have
UF 300 as a requirement on their AAR are no longer required to take the course and will
see this drop off their AAR by Fall 2016.

Some Important Exceptions:

  • UF 300 is required for students scheduled to graduate Spring 2016.
  • Students in the RN to BS, RRT to BS and RT to BS degree completion programs will still need to take their program specific sections of UF300 to graduate.
  • UF 300 will remain a requirement for all MDS and BAS students who do not have an AA/AS or are not core certified.

How do you advise a student for whom this applies?

  • Students do not need to change catalogs for this change to apply.
  • Students who enroll in UF 300 can have the course count as an upper division elective toward graduation credit hour requirements.
  • Students may drop or not enroll in the UF 300 course.
  • Students who drop or do not enroll in UF 300 should make sure they maintain the credit hours needed for financial aid or other credit hour dependent programs.
  • Students will still need to meet the 40 upper-division credit university requirement.
  • Each department may encourage their students to enroll in whatever upper division course they find suitable for their students’ degree completion.

NOTE: UF300 will continue to be offered. Click here for more information aboutUF300.

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