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Foundational Studies Program

Boise State’s Foundational Studies Program is an innovative general education curriculum built around signature University Learning Outcomes.

Traditional general education curriculums are often no more than a hodgepodge of lower-level classes, but Boise State offers a carefully designed program. Students practice key skills throughout their college career and master those skills over time.

The image below describes how learning outcomes of Foundational Studies Courses connect the curriculum:

Learning Outcomes Connecting the Foundational Studies Courses Curriculum

                                         Click for accessible version of image

DLN Curriculum Change Announcement for Advisors

What Happened
Are you confused about DLN requirements? Here’s the scoop on the Idaho State Board of Education policy change affecting DLN (Disciplinary Lens in Natural, Physcial, and Applied Science) requirements.

Per General Education Policy IIIN, each DLN course must now come from two different academic disciplines. For example, students cannot use two Physics courses to fulfill their DLN requirement, but students may use a Physics course and a Biology course.

Who Does This Change Affect?
While this change was to have gone into affect in 2015 according to General Education Policy IIIN, the update did not appear in the Boise State catalog until the 2016-17 version was issued.

Therefore, students who transferred to Boise State under a 2015 or earlier catalog may still use two DLN courses from the same academic discipline to fulfill their DLN requirement.

Students transferring in under the 2016 catalog or later are subject to the policy change and must use DLN courses from two separate disciplines.

UF 300 Curriculum Change

Due to a recent Idaho State Board of Education change, current students who have
UF 300 as a requirement on their AAR are no longer required to take the course and will
see this drop off their AAR by Fall 2016.

Some Important Exceptions:

  • UF 300 is required for students scheduled to graduate Spring 2016.
  • Students in the RN to BS, RRT to BS and RT to BS degree completion programs will still need to take their program specific sections of UF300 to graduate.
  • UF 300 will remain a requirement for all MDS and BAS students who do not have an AA/AS or are not core certified.

How do you advise a student for whom this applies?

  • Students do not need to change catalogs for this change to apply.
  • Students who enroll in UF 300 can have the course count as an upper division elective toward graduation credit hour requirements.
  • Students may drop or not enroll in the UF 300 course.
  • Students who drop or do not enroll in UF 300 should make sure they maintain the credit hours needed for financial aid or other credit hour dependent programs.
  • Students will still need to meet the 40 upper-division credit university requirement.
  • Each department may encourage their students to enroll in whatever upper division course they find suitable for their students’ degree completion.

NOTE: UF300 will continue to be offered. Click here for more information aboutUF300.

UF 200 Students Create and Donate Childrens’ Books

Image of children's books

Childrens’ books written and illustrated by Boise State students are on display at the Albertsons Library from April 18-29. The books translate key themes from Dr. Margaret Sass’s Civic and Ethical Foundations (UF 200) course into brightly illustrated stories for children. The assignment? Produce engaging books that help preK-2nd grade readers understand diversity, learn about other cultures, and practice empathy.

The students made both electronic and printed versions of their childrens’ books. Visit the library from April 18-29 to see their printed work and enjoy the unique approach of each student author–from Billy the Goat Goes to the Basque Festival by sophomore Zack Petterson to I Love Being Brown by sophomore Anwar Mostafawy.

Civic engagement projects like this are key components of all UF 200 courses. Each project is designed to help Boise State students learn by actively connecting with communities outside the classroom. That’s why Dr. Sass’s students not only wrote, illustrated, and published their books–they also brought them to a wider audience. Each student author visited a school or traveled on Garden City’s Bells for Books Bookmobile to directly share their stories with local children.

After the book are displayed at the Albertsons Library, the printed books will be donated to the Garden City Public Library or local elementary schools, increasing the diversity of their childrens’ collections. For more information about Bells for Books or volunteering on their bookmobile, please contact Michael Zohner at 208-472-2948.