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Foundational Studies Program

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Boise State’s Foundational Studies Program is a general education curriculum designed to promote broad learning for success in the University and in life. Boise State offers a carefully designed program in which students practice key skills throughout their college career and master those skills over time. The program focuses upon enduring questions of purpose and justice we face as individuals and as a global human community. The courses draw on subjects ranging from sciences, humanities, mathematics, art, and social science, and challenge students within to think critically, write and speak well, sharpen their ethical reasoning, and explore a diversity of viewpoints and cultures.

In accordance with Idaho’s State Board of Education and national best practices, the Foundational Studies Program provides truly foundational skills, knowledge, and sensibilities to prepare students for success at Boise State and in their post-collegiate lives.

Lives are not lived solely in majors and neither do careers or the world come at individuals in discreet forms of knowledge and experience. In recognition of this, Universities across the United States offer general education.  These required courses expose students to a breadth of subjects – sciences, humanities, arts – to match the breadth of human experience in the world.  General education is then complemented by the choice of a major. Together foundational skills and specialized majors prepare nimble students able to remain both steadfast and adaptive in an ever-changing world.