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Student Affairs

This committee shall be responsible for matters of policy regarding the registration, orientation, and advising of students; for policies pertaining to the awarding of student scholarships, grants and loans, and overseeing the process of selecting scholarship recipients; and for policies, procedures, and coordination of prior learning.


This table represents the membership of the Student Affairs Committee for 2017-2018.  The asterisk(*) represents the Chair of the committee and is the point of contact for matters related to the function of this committee.



Arts & Letters

Carolina Viera

Natural Sciences

Matt Ferguson


Sondra Miller

Business & Economics

Kelly Chen

School of Public Service

Justin Vaughn


Jeremy Ford

Health Sciences

Thomas Wing


Megan Davis

Student Representative

Haylee Hochhalter

Senate Liaison

President Mac Test

Financial Aid (Ex Officio)


Registrar (Ex Officio)

Kris Collins

Dean of Extended Studies (Ex Officio)

Mark Wheeler

Senate President (Ex Officio)

Mac Test