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Faculty Financial Affairs

This committee shall:

  • Advise the administration and faculty on:
    • Priorities related to budget preparation and allocation of appropriated funds after meeting with appropriate administrators.
    • Designing and monitoring policies pertaining to reduction in force and program phase-outs.
  • Make recommendations regarding faculty salaries and fringe benefits.
  • Advise faculty members of the Executive Budget Committee on faculty fiscal priorities and coordinate the flow of information between the faculty members of the Executive Budget Committee and the Faculty.


This table represents the membership of the Faculty Financial Affairs Committee for 2017-2018.  The asterisk(*) represents the Chair of the committee and is the point of contact for matters related to the function of this committee.



Arts & Letters

David Saunders

Natural Sciences

Cheryl Jorcyk

Business & Economics

Eric Gordon


Dazhi Yang


Bhaskar Chittoori

Health Sciences

Joie Burns*

School of Public Service

Brian Wampler


Amber Sherman

Student Representative

Jimmy Soderberg

Senate Liaison

Arturo Rodriguez

Human Resources (Ex Officio)


Budget Office (Ex Officio)

Ken Kline

Provost (Ex Officio)

Tony Roark

Senate President (Ex Officio)

Marty Orr