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Diversity Committee

This committee shall be responsible for matters pertaining to diversity in educational programs and policies including but not limited to:

  • Working in concert with the Undergraduate Academic Policy and Standards Committee (UPSC) on policies and structures of matter relating to the University Learning Outcome on Diversity and Internationalization.
  • The committee will conduct an annual review of assessment outcomes for all courses supporting ULO 6.
  • The committee shall receive and “approve” and/or recommend action on assessment efforts for ULO 6.


This table represents the membership of the Diversity Committee for 2017-2018.  The asterisk(*) represents the Chair of the committee and is the point of contact for matters related to the function of this committee.

Arts & LettersDora Ramirez
Natural SciencesJeunghoon Lee*
EngineeringBhaskar Chittoori
Business & EconomicsRuth Jebe
EducationEun Hye Son
Health SciencesCatherine Masters
School of Public ServiceJessica Wells
LibraryMegan Davis
Student RepresentativeKelli Goodrich
Senate President (Ex Officio)Mac Test
Ex OfficioMatthew Recla
Ex OfficioCatherine Bates
Ex OfficioArturo Rodriguez
Ex OfficioAlicia Estey
Ex OfficioCorrine Henke
Ex OfficioGayla Thomas-Dabney