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Diversity Committee

This committee shall be responsible for matters pertaining to diversity in educational programs and policies including but not limited to:

  • Working in concert with the Undergraduate Academic Policy and Standards Committee (UPSC) on policies and structures of matter relating to the University Learning Outcome on Diversity and Internationalization.
  • The committee will conduct an annual review of assessment outcomes for all courses supporting ULO 6.
  • The committee shall receive and “approve” and/or recommend action on assessment efforts for ULO 6.


This table represents the membership of the Diversity Committee for 2016-2017.  The asterisk(*) represents the Chair of the committee and is the point of contact for matters related to the function of this committee.

Arts & LettersDora Ramirez
Natural SciencesJeunghoon Lee
EngineeringBhaskar Chittoori
Business & EconomicsSamia Islam
EducationEun Hye Son
Health SciencesCatherine Masters
School of Public ServiceSusan Mason*
LibraryElizabeth Ramsey*
Senate LiaisonMac Test
International ProgramsCorrine Henke
Senate President (Ex Officio)Scott Lowe
Student RepresentativeKelli Goodrich