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How the Ombuds Can Help

Informal problem solving and conflict management for all Boise State Faculty

There may be certain matters you wish to explore “off the record” or need information or informal advice. Perhaps you are facing problems for which formal channels need to be invoked, but you are not sure how they work or what are the implications of using them. Or, there may be issues which, despite your best efforts, have not been satisfactorily addressed or resolved. The ombuds helps by:


    The ombuds actively seeks to understand your concerns.

Analyzing the problem

    The ombuds will assist you in identifying and clarifying your issues and interests.

Providing relevant information

    The ombuds is an information resource; he/she can help you find answers to your questions.

Explaining university policies and procedures

    The ombuds will help you find and understand policies and procedures related to your concern.

Facilitating dialogue

    The ombuds can help you, your colleagues, chairs or deans to find ways to communicate more effectively and work collaboratively.

Exploring options

    The ombuds helps parties identify new options and solutions that address their interests.

Mediating disputes

    The ombuds arranges for a third party mediator to help parties desiring to resolve a conflict through the mediation process.

Recommending change

    The ombuds makes recommendations to the appropriate bodies for changes in university policy or procedures to ensure clarity, fairness and justice.