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Contact Faculty Ombuds

Informal problem solving and conflict management for all Boise State Faculty

If you have a confidential issue to discuss with the faculty ombuds, please call (426-6283) or email ( to schedule a confidential appointment at a convenient time.

Preparing for your meeting…

It is usually not necessary to bring anything with you to the faculty ombuds. Sometimes it is helpful to have a “chronology of events,” or to bring a copy of a particular document central to your concern.

Important Notes About Discussions with the Ombuds…

  1. Your contact with the Ombuds Office is absolutely confidential and off the record, unless you specifically request me to waive that confidentiality in any communications I may undertake on your behalf.  There are only two exceptions to this rule: (a)  if there is risk of harm to yourself or others, and (b) if the ombuds is subsequently ordered by a court of law should the matter enter the legal system.
  2. Contacting the Ombuds Office does not constitute “notice” to the university. (In other words, talking with the ombuds about a potential harassment or criminal act does not require the University to take action.) If a visitor wishes to create a record or make the university formally aware of a particular problem, the ombuds can provide information on how to do so.