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Regalia and Accessories

Blue Regalia in front of the Boise State B

Boise State University has adopted a new commencement tradition of outfitting all of our undergraduate degree recipients in the university’s historic Boise State blue—a color associated with the school since its inception in 1932. Adoption of the new tradition will come at no increased cost to those purchasing regalia.

Doctoral degree-granting universities have always provided unique university regalia for those who earn their highest degrees—often with accents and even full robes reflecting the traditional university colors. For years, many of the nation’s leading research and academic universities have expanded this privilege to all graduates, including Columbia University, New York University, Boston University, Penn State, University of North Carolina, Gonzaga University, Northwestern University, Miami University, University of Oregon, BYU, and more.

As Boise State has transformed into a nationally and internationally known doctoral research university with a strong campus community and a thriving student culture, the university has worked to build each Commencement into an experience as a worthy culmination of our students’ time here.

Boise State is proud of its unique and distinct traditions that include, as the world knows, our trademark Blue Turf. With input from ASBSU and other students, this decision was made to enhance the graduation ceremony and experience with gowns that reflect that Boise State spirit and culture.

Purchase your regalia

Regalia will go on sale April 3, 2018 at the Grad Fair. It will be on sale in the Bookstore April 4 – May 5.


Blue Graduation Gown


Visit the Boise State Bookstore website to get your:

  • personalized announcements
  • honor cords
  • extra tassels
  • collegiate rings
  • personalized Uploma
  • diploma frame