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Regalia and Accessories

Your gown and accessories will be available for purchase at the Boise State Bookstore on starting on April 8th.   A $10 late fee will be charged by the Bookstore for purchases not made by April 27th.


Visit the Boise State Bookstore website to get your:

  • personalized announcements
  • honor cords
  • extra tassels
  • collegiate rings
  • personalized Uploma
  • diploma frame

The Alumni Association is hosting a Cap Decorating Party on April 28th.

Make a Difference – Donate Regalia after Commencement

Frank Church High School is an alternative public secondary school in Boise, Idaho, operated by the Boise School District. Frank Church graduates roughly 150 students each semester. All of the students are considered “at risk” by the District. Issues like food insecurity and homelessness are daily struggles for many of these kids. Despite their hard work, many of these students do not walk in their graduation ceremony because they simply cannot afford the $25.00 cap and gown.

You can help by donating your regalia after commencement. Collection boxes will be available at the post commencement reception until 2 PM.  Your donation will help provide a solution for Frank Church graduates for years to come. More information about Frank Church High School can be found at