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Transfer Students

Transfer Students entering Boise State University under the 2012-2013 Catalog

This information pertains to students who are transferring to Boise State University from another institution. New transfer students are required to meet with an advisor.  Unsure who your advisor is?  Find information on the Advising and Academic Enhancement page.

UF Placement for Transfer Students

Transfer Students.  If you have transferred courses from another institution to Boise State, the Registrar’s Office will indicate whether your courses satisfy the requirements to meet the Idaho State Board minimum requirements for Core certification.  Either core certification or an earned associate’s degree is the required pre-requisite for UF 300 Transitional Foundations.  If you have further questions about transfer equivalencies, the Foundational Studies Program can provide information about course options.  If you have questions about placement or transfer courses that will impact the upcoming semester, please plan accordingly. To ensure appropriate time for review, all placement and transfer credit issues must be received in the Foundational Studies Program office at least ten business days prior to the start of the upcoming fall semester, or the end of the fall semester finals week for the upcoming spring semester.  Please refer to Boise State academic calendar for these dates.

Students who have met all Core Requirements and are CORE CERTIFIED:

Transitional Foundations (UF 300) will meet the graduation requirement in University Foundations for students who transfer to Boise State University as Core Certified.  Core Certified is noted on the unofficial transcript and the Academic Advisement Report as ZGUXFER 100XF GENERAL UNIVERSITY CORE MET.

Students who have extenuating circumstances and are requesting a waiver of the UF 300 pre-requisites must complete the UF 300 Placement Application