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Transitional Foundations (UF 300)

Transitional Foundations is designed to help students work on 21st century skills for success in college and beyond.

Written and oral communication
Critical Inquiry
Teamwork & Innovation
Ethics & Diversity

In Transitional Foundations, students are encouraged to draw on the previous learning and experiences to prepare for upper division work. Students work in teams on problems that mirror real-life challenges and they hone communication and information literacy skills that will help them succeed in their major courses. Finally, students begin constructing their ePortfolio — a collection of the student’s work that illustrates the connection between their educational outcomes and the skills employers and graduate programs are seeking. When students master the eleven Learning Outcomes, they will be able to demonstrate the ways their undergraduate learning has prepared them for the challenges and opportunities that await them “Beyond the Blue.”

 Please see our information for Transfer Students page for more details about transcript review and placement.

Approved Catalog Statement:

TRANSITIONAL FOUNDATIONS (UF 300). This three credit course is only for transfer students who enter the university as “core certified.” Core certified transfer students are not required to take UF 100 and UF 200 but must take UF 300, which introduces them to the common learning experiences on which a Boise State education is based. UF 300 serves the learning outcomes of both UF 100 and UF 200, but with higher achievement expectations. Supports ULOs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 and incorporates the Campus Read.