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Foundational Studies Program

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Hiring: Discussion Group Leaders for UF 100

Faculty and Staff are encouraged to apply to lead a UF 100 Discussion Group in one of our 7 Intellectual Foundations thematic sections.  Discussion Group Leaders can make a HUGE difference in the first-year experience of our students.

If you have:

  • an earned bachelor’s degree or higher
  • experience teaching or facilitating learning,
  • experience advising or leading groups

and a strong desire to work as part of a teaching team to support students’ development of critical thinking, teamwork, and communication skills – this is the role for you!


For more information about teaching opportunities with the Foundational Studies Program, please see:

Or call The Foundational Studies Program at 426-4057

Politics & Policy Brownbag Series

Conroy Flyer

The Politics & Policy Brownbag Series continues! The next session is April 10th, and it features Dr. Meredith Conroy. Dr. Conroy completed her PhD and dissertation on political communication in American politics at the University of California-Santa Barbara. She is now a professor in the Department of Political Science at California State University-San Bernardino. Dr. Conroy’s talk is titled “Man Enough?: Gender, Media and the American Presidency,” and it is based off her upcoming book on the same subject.

April 2- Playing with Fire

Playing With Fire focuses on courageous young women in Afghanistan who are involved in theatre arts. They regularly face harsh criticism, social disapproval and even receive threats against themselves and their families, forcing many young actresses to flee the country. ThFlyer for ANA Playing With Fire version 1, draft 4ose who do not risk being killed for their art, as recently happened to a young actress in Kabul. Anneta Papathanassiou, an actress and director from Greece, visits Kabul to teach ancient Greek theatre, while recording the lives of Afghan artists who try to combine art and culture under very difficult circumstances in this troubled country.
Here’s a link to the trailer: