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Foundational Studies Program

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    Innovation with Trey McIntyre Project

UF 300 is READY!

The UF 300 class taught by Elizabeth Cook made some important connections on their first day in class. Yes, the students made these connections mentally, but they also got the opportunity to make these connections physically come to life. To bring those connections to life, the students were asked to split up into groups based upon their majors. Within the groups, they had to write down ten skills that they use for their major, five positive assumptions people make about their major, and five negative assumptions people make about their major. The students were then given yarn and asked to connect a skill that their group listed to the same skill that another group listed. After all of the yarn was taped from white board to white board, the students were left standing in the midst of a massive web somehow connecting each and everyone one of them. Though this scenario provides the opportunity to work as a team and gain more experience dealing with leading and following, communication, and how to work efficiently, it also provides more. Seeing and creating the connections from discipline to discipline helps break down the wall that every major is always learning completely different ideas and skills. As one student said, “I was surprised to discover that we are all learning essentially the same skills.  It doesn’t matter what your major is, you still need to learn how to communicate and problem solve.” Like this student, the rest of the class was surprised at the connections they made. These students are READY to take on the challenge of innovative and creative thinking in UF 300 and all of their Boise State classes!

2014 Andrus Center Conference on Women and Leadership

Cathe Scott at the Andrus Center has developed a great way for faculty, staff & students to “attend” sessions of the Women & Leadership conference. by watching a live video feed in Hatch (and if seats are vacant in the main room, folks can get a “real” seat). ASBSU will also have tickets available for students, and they will have the opportunity to apply if they are interested in attend the full conference.


UF 200 Connecting to our Community

Justin Vaughn’s UF200 has been discussing justice, diversity, and ethics through a “food” lens! One way the students did this was through being a part of a fundraiser for the Boise Farmers Market Sprouts Kids Club. The students raised $945 online and more than $100 from in person donations! They also signed up 80 new children to be a part of the Sprouts Kids Club! Below are some pictures of the kids helping advertise, a thank-you posted at other booths at the farmers market, and students at the Sprouts booth.