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Foundational Studies Program

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    Team Snowshoe Challenge

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    Do One Thing

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    Innovation with Trey McIntyre Project

UF 200 Connecting to our Community

Justin Vaughn’s UF200 has been discussing justice, diversity, and ethics through a “food” lens! One way the students did this was through being a part of a fundraiser for the Boise Farmers Market Sprouts Kids Club. The students raised $945 online and more than $100 from in person donations! They also signed up 80 new children to be a part of the Sprouts Kids Club! Below are some pictures of the kids helping advertise, a thank-you posted at other booths at the farmers market, and students at the Sprouts booth.


Spring 2014 Disciplinary Lens Reporting Form

Faculty teaching in Disciplinary Lens courses included in the CALIPER project (DLM and DLN) are asked to report on assessment results. The attached documentation provides an overview of collecting and reporting data. The data will be submitted on a Qualtrics Survey sent to faculty. explaining assessment_2014

UF 300: Team Challenge

Elizabeth Cook’s UF 300 class met the challenge of building a snowshoe in one hour–and documenting their design process! The team was required to find their own material, determine team roles, design and build their snowshoe, and document their efforts. The images below capture their enthusiasm and creativity.

team in crisis collage